Saat Nischay Bihar

The Saat Nischay Yojana or the Saat Nischay Scheme is a Bihar Government Scheme to envision the developmental Goals for the state of Bihar. The Sat Nischay Bihar has 7 resolves. It was launched by the Chief Minister of Bihar Shri Nitish Kumar in 2015. After reading this post you will become aware of several questions related to Saat Nischay Yojna Bihar such as what is saat nischay, what are its goals, what are the 7 resolves of the saat Nischay etc. Read carefully and do share among your friends.

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The Saat Nischay has two parts. Saat Nischay Part 1 and the Saat Nischay Part 2. In this post we will discuss about the saat Nischay Yojana Part 1.

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Saat Nischay Bihar

What is Saat Nischay Scheme

Saat Nischay Scheme was announced by the Chief Minister of Bihar Shri Nitish Kumar in 2015, to envision the goals around which the developmental works are to be done for the growth of the state. The scheme was announced before the elections to make the citizenry of the state aware about the future course of actions by the state.

The Saat Nischay Scheme of Bihar has two parts i.e. Saat Nischay Part-1 and Saat Nischay Part-2. What makes the two parts different is the timing of their launch and the resolves that are being made in each one of them. Both Part 1 and Part 2 contains seven resolves.

Seven Resolves of the Saat Nischay Part 1

The goals that are being set for the development of the state of Bihar includes 7 resolves. The seven resolves under the Saat Nischay Scheme is given below:

  1. Arthik Hal Yuvao Ko Bal
  2. Arakshit Rojgar Mahilaon Ka Adhikar
  3. Har Ghar Bijli Lagataar
  4. Har Ghar Nal Ka Jal
  5. Ghar Tak Pakki Gali Naaliyan
  6. Shauchalaya Nirman Ghar Ka Samman
  7. Avsar Badhe Aage Padhen

Arthik Hal Yuvao Ko Bal

Arthik Hal Yuvao Ko Bal is one of the resolves of the scheme in which economic development of students of Bihar has been addressed. It consists of Student Credit Card Scheme Bihar, Mukhyamantri Nischay Swayam Sahayata Bhatta Yojana and Kushal Yuva Karyakram.

It also focuses on the skill development and employment generation of the youth of Bihar. Under this students of the age group of 15 to 25 years who have passed their intermediate can join different courses to upskill themselves.

Arakshit Rojgar Mahilaon Ka Adhikar

Arakshit Rojgar Mahilaon ka adhikar is related to strengthen the position of women in the state. Under this women candidates are encouraged to apply in Government jobs and the government is trying to balance the gender mix in different jobs. Currently, the number of men employees are more in different Government Jobs.

To improve this and increase the number of women in the workforce, a provision of 35% reservation to women in government jobs of the state has been made.

Also, the department of Social Security and development, Department of Rural Development and Department of health spend almost half of their budget on Women Empowerment and development.

Har Ghar Bijli Lagataar

Har Ghar Bijli Lagataar is the third resolve under Saat Nischay Scheme Part 1. The uninterrupted supply of electricity is essential to the development of the people of any region. By acknowledging this fact Har Ghar Bijli Lagataar has been made a resolve for the scheme.

Under this the state is envisioning to provide uninterrupted power supply to every household of the state. There is a provision of installation of Digital Prepaid Meters to bring in transparency in the usage of electricity on the region.

Har Ghar Nal Ka Jal

Har Ghar Nal Ka jal is one of the most important resolutions in the Saat Nischay Yojana. This resolve helps to provide clean drinking water to every citizen of Bihar. This resolve aims to provide clean tap water to almost 2 crore households of the state. Many households in the state still depends on different not so viable sources of water and hence people of such household may expose themselves to contaminated drinking water which results in diseases and bad health. This resolution will help to provide them with clean water which supports in healthcare.

Ghar Tak Pakki Gali Naaliyan

Ghar Tak Pakki Gali Naaliyan is the fifth resolve under the Saat Nischay Scheme of Bihar. This resolution envisions the construction of Road Infrastructure around the state including rural Bihar. Under this, every village of Bihar will be made equipped with all weather pucca roads. Another aspect of the resolve is construction of proper drainage networks throughout the state.

Shauchalaya Nirman Ghar Ka Samman

Shauchalaya Nirman Ghar Ka Samman is the Sixth resolution under the scheme. In the state specially in the rural areas people are not used to go to washrooms. They go to open fields or any other such areas in the open. This creates a lot of problems. Women of these areas also face several problems due to the lack of bathroom infrastructure in their homes.

To avoid this Shauchalaya Nirman Ghar Ka Samman was envisioned. Under this, 1.72 Lakh Crore toilets are planned to be built in households of the state.

Avsar Badhe Aage Padhen

Avsar Badhe Aage Padhen is the seventh resolution under the saat nischay yojana of Bihar. This resolution is related to the development of Education of the state. In the absence of Higher Education facilities in the state every year a huge mass of eligible students migrate to other parts of the country or are being deprived of the affordable education.

To Solve this issue Avsar Badhe Aage Padhe has been conceived. Under this Higher Education Infrastructure will be built around the state. The plan is to build effective education infrastructure in each district of the state of Bihar.

Saat Nischay Important Facts

Name of the SchemeSaat Nischay
Inaugurated By Chief Minister of Bihar Shri Nitish Kumar
PurposeDevelopment of Bihar
PartsSaat Nischay Part 1
Saat Nischay Part 2
Scheme AuthorityBihar Vikas Mission,
Government of Bihar
CategoryScheme/ Yojana

Saat Nischay How to Apply

You can apply to the Saat Nischay Scheme by going here. You can get all the required information and the details related to the scheme. You can avail any of the seven resolves as per the requirement and domain.

Hope you got the information related to the Saat Nischay Scheme of Bihar in detail here. Spread the word and do share it with your friends.

FAQ on Saat Nischay

What is Saat Nischay Yojana

Saat Nischay Yojana is Bihar Government’s Yojana to envision the Goals for the development of the State of Bihar.

Saat Nischay Bihar List

Saat Nischay Bihar List is Arthik Hal Yuvao Ko Bal, Arakshit Rojgar Mahilao Ka Adhikar, Har Ghar Bijli Lagataar, Har Ghar Nal Ka Jal, Ghar Tak Pakki Gali Naliyan, Shauchalaya Nirman Ghar ka Samman and Avsar Badhe Aage Padhe.

How many Parts in Saat Nischay

There are two parts in Saat Nischay: Saat Nischay Part-1 and Saat Nischay Part-2

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