Bihar Economic Survey Summary 2021-2022

Bihar Economic Survey Summary
  1. Bihar GSDP (Gross State Domestic Product) at Current Price: Rs 618,630 Crores.
  2. Bihar GSDP (Gross State Domestic Product) at Constant Price: Rs 419,880 Crores.
  3. Bihar NSDP (Net State Domestic Product) at Current Price: Rs 566470 Crores.
  4. Bihar NSDP (Net State Domestic Product) at Constant Price: Rs 379550 Crores.
  5. This Economic Survey is the 16th Economic Survey of Bihar.
  6. It was Presented on February 25, 2022.
  7. It was Presented by Shri Tarkishore Prasad, the then Deputy CM and Finance Minister of Bihar.
  8. Bihar GSDP Growth Rate for the year 2021-2022: 2.5%.
  9. Total Expenditure of Bihar: Rs 165696 Crore.
  10. Total Expenditure of Bihar increased by 13.4%. (2020-2021)
  11. Total Capital Expenditure: Rs 26203 Crore.
  12. Total Revenue Expenditure: Rs 193493 Crore.
  13. Social Service Expenditure: 44%.
  14. Total Capital Receipt: Rs 36735 Crore
  15. Total Revenue Receipt: Rs 128168 Crore
  16. Expenditure on Environment Forest and Climate change by the state: Rs 694 Crore.
  17. Per Capita Income (PCI) of Bihar at Current Price : Rs 50,555.
  18. Per Capita Income (PCI) of Bihar at Constant Price (Base Level 2011-12): Rs 31,314.
  19. HIghest Per Capita Income District of Bihar: Patna (Rs 131,000).
  20. Lowest Per Capital Income District of Bihar: Sheohar (Rs 19000).
  21. Inflation in Rural Bihar: 2.8%.
  22. Inflation in Urban Bihar: 4.9%.
  23. Inflation in Bihar on an Average: 3.1%.
  24. Urbanisation in Bihar: 15.28%.
  25. Top 3 Urbanised Districts of Bihar: Patna> Munger> Nalanda (in descending order).
  26. Least Urbanised District of Bihar: Banka.
  27. Growth Rate in Primary Sector: 2.3%.
  28. Growth Rate in Secondary Sector: 4.8%.
  29. Growth Rate in Tertiary Sector: 8.5%.
  30. Gross Cropped Area of Bihar: 79.97 Lakh Hectare
  31. Cropping Intensity: 144%.
  32. Growth in Agriculture and Allied Sector: 2.1%.
  33. Growth in Fisheries: 7%.
  34. Growth in Livestock: 10%.
  35. Growth Rate in Transportation, Storage and Communication of Bihar: 144%.
  36. Per Capita Energy Consumption of Bihar: 350 Kwh.
  37. Per Capita Energy Consumption Growth Rate: 72.4%.
  38. Contribution of Primary Sector in GSDP: 19.2%.
  39. Contribution of Secondary Sector in GSDP: 19.5%
  40. Contribution of Tertiary Sector in GSDP: 61.2%.
  41. Top Irrigation Methods used in Bihar: Tubewell> Canal.
  42. Total Nagar Nikay in Bihar : 252.
  43. Total Nagar Nigam or Municipal Corporation in Bihar: 18.

MCQ on the Bihar Economic Survey 2021-2022:

Q1.) How many Krishi Karman award has been given to Bihar?

a. 4 b. 5

c. 6 d. 7

Ans: b

Q2.) In how many districts of Bihar Organic Strip is scheduled to be created?

a. 10 b. 11

c. 12 d. 13

Ans: d

Q3.) In how many districts of Bihar Integrated Horticulture Development Mission is going to be established?

a. 12 b. 13

c. 15 d. 17

Ans: c

Q4.) Which Mobile App has been launched to promote digital agricultural services in Bihar?

a. FASAL App b. BIHAN App


Ans: b

Q5.) Which are the top three industries of Bihar attracting maximum investment?

a. Ethanol, Food Processing, Agriculture b. Leather, Transport, Communication

c. Ethanol, Food Processing, Renewable Energy d. Ethanol, Electricity, Food processing

Ans: c

Q6.) Which Schemes of Bihar has got an allocation of upto Rs 200 Crores?

a. CM Mahila Udyami b. CM yuva entrepreneurship scheme

c. Jeevika Mission d. Yuva Jyoti Scheme

Ans: a and b both.

Q7.) Which of the following state has least labour force participation rate?

a. Kerela b. Odisha

c. Jharkhand d. Bihar

Ans: d

Q8.) What is the rank of Bihar in Road Length per 1000 square kms?

a. 1 b. 2

c. 3 d. 4

Ans: c

Q9.) What is the rank of Bihar in total road length in India?

a. 10 b. 8

c. 7 d. 5

Ans: b

Q10.) What percentage of Gram Panchayats and Blocks are connected with broadband in Bihar?

a. 50% b. 100%

c. 90% d. 65%

Ans: c

Q11.) What is the rank of Bihar in opening India Post Payment Bank accounts?

a. 2nd b. 3rd

c. 1st d. 4th

Ans: c

Q12.) How many Nagar Nikay are there in Bihar?

a. 250 b. 252

c. 234 d. 267

Ans: b

Q13.) What is the Life Expectancy of Bihar?

a. 65 years b. 67.8 Years

c. 71.2 Years d. 69.1 Years

Ans: d

Q14.) What is the Percentage of Children under the age group 0-18 years in Bihar?

a. 55% b. 35%

c. 42% d. 40%

Ans: c

Q15.) In which city of Bihar Swach Vayu Dashboard has been Installed?

a. Bodh Gaya b. Rajgir

c. Muzaffarpur d. Patna

Ans: d

Q 16.) What is the total cpapcity of the 13 small hydel plants setup in Bihar?

a. 55.4 MW b. 54.3 MW

c. 52.1 MW d. 51.1 MW

Ans: b

Q 17.) What is the Full Form of e-Lots launched to promote online education in Bihar for classes 1-12?

Ans: e library for teachers and students.

Q18.) Why is the Mobile App Indra Vajra launched by Bihar government?

a. To promote Tourism b. To Predict Rainfall and weather events

c. To predict air direction d. To connect religious circuits

Ans: b (20 kms range, 40 minutes before)

Q19.) How many Bank Branches opened in Bihar in this period?

a. 215 b. 270

c. 229 d. 315

Ans: b

Q 20.) What is the total number of primary and upper primary schools in Bihar as per the economic survey?

a. 72981 b. 76545

c. 87767 d. 75295

Ans: d (increased from 72,981 in 2016-17 to 75,295 in 2019-20)

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