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Prasar Bharati introduces PB-SHABD, a news-sharing service, aiming to democratize news access for smaller organizations. PB-SHABD offers curated news in major Indian languages, free for the first year to registered news organizations. This initiative underscores Prasar Bharati’s commitment to autonomous public broadcasting. PB-SHABD enhances transparency and accessibility, reshaping the media landscape in India. It caters to the needs of smaller news outlets, fostering innovation and collaboration within the industry. Prasar Bharati’s PB-SHABD marks a milestone in news dissemination, promising inclusivity and diversity in news consumption. BPSC and UPSC aspirants will also get advantage from its comprehensive coverage.

Overview of PB-Shabd

In a significant development for the Indian media landscape, public broadcaster Prasar Bharati recently introduced PB-SHABD, a groundbreaking news-sharing service designed to revolutionize how news is disseminated across the nation. Launched under the auspices of the Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting, PB-SHABD represents a pivotal step towards democratizing access to news content, particularly for smaller news organizations lacking extensive networks.

PB-SHABD, or Prasar Bharti – Shared Audio Visuals for Broadcast and Dissemination, is poised to empower smaller news organizations by providing them with a centralized source of news content. Leveraging Prasar Bharati’s extensive network of reporters, correspondents, and stringers, PB-SHABD will curate news stories in major Indian languages across fifty categories. This comprehensive coverage ensures that news organizations, regardless of their size or resources, have access to a diverse range of news content to cater to their audiences effectively.

As an introductory offer, PB-SHABD will be available free of cost for the first year to registered news organizations under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. This initiative aims to facilitate seamless access to news feeds without the Doordarshan logo, allowing news organizations to tailor their storytelling across various platforms.

With the launch of PB-SHABD, Prasar Bharati reaffirms its commitment to its core objective of providing autonomous and informative public broadcasting services. By harnessing the power of technology and collaboration, PB-SHABD endeavors to foster a more inclusive and diverse media landscape in India.

Prasar Bharati’s initiative marks a significant milestone in the evolution of news dissemination, promising to reshape the way news is consumed and shared across the country. With PB-SHABD, the public broadcaster seeks to not only empower smaller news organizations but also promote transparency, accessibility, and innovation in the Indian media ecosystem.

Important points PB-Shabd

Service NamePB-SHABD
TypeNews Sharing Service
AvailabilityFree for organisation for 1st year registered under Ministry of I&B.
Launched ByPrasar Bharti
CoverageCurated news in major Indian languages across 50 categories
BenefitsComprehensive Coverage, transparency and accessibility
Official WebsitePrasar Bharti

Key Features of PB-Shabd

  • Launched by Prasar Bharati to transform news dissemination in India.
  • Aims to provide a single-point source of news content for smaller news organizations.
  • Offers news stories in major Indian languages across fifty categories.
  • Provided free for the first year to registered news organizations.
  • Revamped websites for DD News and Akashvani News.
  • Updated NewsOnAIR mobile app.
  • Designed for seamless and engaging user experience.
  • User-friendly interface with engaging design.
  • Dedicated sections for various topics.
  • Personalized news feeds and push notifications.
  • Multimedia content integration and offline reading capability.
  • Live streaming for real-time coverage and easy social media sharing.
  • Location-based news delivery and powerful search functionality.
  • Extensive news gathering and delivery network across India.
  • Aims to share accurate and meaningful content with the media industry.
  • Empowers smaller news organizations with comprehensive coverage.
  • PB-SHABD platform provides daily news feeds in various formats.
  • Powered by Prasar Bharati’s vast network of reporters and correspondents.
  • Assists smaller newspapers, TV channels, and digital portals.
  • Provides news feeds in video, audio, text, and photo formats.
  • Single-point source of news content for all organizations.
  • Offered free for the first year, aiding smaller media outlets immensely.

PB- Shabd FAQ

What is PB-SHABD?

PB-SHABD is a news-sharing service launched by Prasar Bharati.

Who can benefit from PB-SHABD?

PB-SHABD serves as a single-point source of news content for smaller news organizations lacking extensive networks.

Is PB-SHABD free?

Yes, PB-SHABD is offered free for the first year, providing news stories in major Indian languages across fifty categories.

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