Har Ghar Gangajal Scheme Bihar

Har Ghar Gangajal Scheme is being launched by the Government of Bihar to provide water resource to the water deficient regions of the state. These regions are not situated on the banks of water rich rivers.

Har Ghar Gangajal Scheme Bihar BPSC

What is Har Ghar Gangajal Scheme of Bihar

In the cities of Rajgir, Bodhgaya and Gaya which are water deficient regions of Bihar, surplus water from the Ganga river during the monsoon season will be diverted to these cities to provide them with water, so that their dependency on adjoining regions’ water tanks and pipes will be reduced and they will ultimately become water surplus.

Important Facts about Har Ghar Gangajal Scheme of Bihar

  • There will be an outlay of Rs 4000 Crore for this Scheme in the first phase.
  • Through this scheme approximately 7.5 Lakh homes of Rajgir, Gaya and Bodhgaya will be provided with water from the Ganges.
  • Through this Scheme water will be made available to these cities where in summer water scarcity becomes severe.
  • This scheme is under the Jal Jivan Hariyali Scheme of the State.
  • The Pumps will collect the water from Hathidah near Mokama.
  • The water will be treated and collected in a reservoir in the cities.
  • New tap water connections and newly restored water connections will be used to access water in the home of the beneficieries.
  • The second phase of Har Ghar Gangajal Scheme will provide water to the district of Nawada which is scheduled to be started in 2023.
  • 135 litres of water for home usage and drinking purposes will be given to the beneficiaries through this scheme.
  • The Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar has launched this scheme from Gaya District of Bihar.
  • A water treatment plant is also launched in Gaya.
  • The water treatment plant has been launched in the Abgila region of Manpur.
  • A pipeline for 450 KMs is laid for this project.
  • The water will be purified at three instances before supplying to the houses.

The Har Ghar Gangajal Scheme is a future oriented scheme which an provide water to water deficient regions of the state and can become a solution for those regions too where ground water table is receding.

FAQs on Har Ghar Gangajal Scheme of Bihar

Q.) Which cities are the beneficiaries of the Har Ghar Gangajal Scheme Phase 1?

Ans: Rajgir, Bodhgaya and Gaya.

Q.) Under which Umbrella Scheme Har Ghar Gangajal Scheme of Bihar is launched?

Ans: Jal Jeevan and Hariyali

Q.) What is the total outlay of the Har Ghar Gangajal Scheme Phase 1?

Ans: Rs. 4000 Crore.

Q.) From where the pumps will collect water from the Ganga to send it to the reservoir?

Ans: Hathidah near Mokama

Q.) Har Ghar Gangajal Scheme Phase 2 will provide water to which additional district?

Ans: Nawada

Q.) What is the length of the pipeline that is being laid for the scheme?

Ans: 450 KMs

Q.) The Ganges water will be purified in how many places before deemed to be fit?

Ans: 3 Places

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