Bihar Museum Patna

The Bihar Museum Patna, Bihar is the new Museum built in the capital city of Bihar, Patna. It is situated in the Bailey Road area of Patna. It was opened to the Public partially in 2015 with few constructions but in 2017 it was fully opened with a vast and magnificent campus. There is a Patna Museum also known as Jadughar which was opened in the year 1917 in the Buddha Marg area of Patna which is the old one and not to be confused with this new Bihar Museum.

Bihar Museum Patna
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The Bihar Museum is dedicated to showcasing the rich heritage and culture of Bihar and India. It houses art, archaeology, and children’s sections within its premises. The infrastructure is magnificent and the campus is serene and clean.

Bihar Museum Patna Important Facts

NameBihar Museum
LocationBailey Road Patna
ArchitectsOpolis Architects (Mumbai), Maki and Associates (Japan)
Design InspirationOku
Area24000 Square Meters
AuthorityYouth, Art and Culture Dept.
Government of Bihar
ParkingAvailable within the Campus
Closed OnMondays only
Open TIming10:30 AM
Close Timing05:00 PM

Bihar Museum Patna Attractions

Bihar Museum Patna

There are many arts, archaeology, paintings, and other artifacts that you must see in the Bihar Museum which can mesmerize you. The Museum is spacious and well-maintained. The Museum has a rich collection of various forms such as:

  • Orientation Gallery
  • Regional Galley
  • Children Gallery
  • Contemporary Gallery
  • Historical Art Gallery
  • Bihari Diaspora Gallery
  • Visible Storage Gallery

Bihar Museum Patna Orientation Gallery

The orientation Gallery at the Bihar Museum Patna gives an overview of the Museum Galleries and the method of interpreting History by historians by using techniques, scientific research and methods. There is an orientation theatre available in this gallery which shows you about prehistoric sites that were discovered.

Bihar Museum Patna Regional Gallery

The regional gallery at the Bihar Museum showcases various curated exhibitions of Bihari Craftsmanship, folk culture, and traditions.

Bihar Museum Patna Children Gallery

The children’s gallery at the museum showcases the History of Bihar and its natural history. It makes the learning experience alive by using experiential learning zones. It also consists of interactive audio-visual learning techniques which makes them engaging. The Children’s Gallery consists of the following exhibits:

  • Orientation Room
  • Nature Trails and Wildlife Sanctuary Gallery
  • Chandragupta Maurya
  • Sher Shah Suri
  • Art and Culture
  • Discovery Room

Most exhibits are interactive in nature to facilitate the active participation of children and families.

Bihar Museum Patna History Gallery

The History Gallery is divided into 3 parts: History Gallery A, History Gallery B, and History Gallery C.

History Gallery A consists of exhibits on:

  • Prehistory and Proto-history of the Indian Subcontinent with a focus on Bihar.
  • Indus valley or the Harappan Civilisation
  • Second Urban Civilization
  • Buddhism
  • Jainism
  • Haranyak, Shishunagas and Nandas
  • Mauryan Dynasty and The Ashoka

History Gallery B Consists of exhibits on:

  • Sungas
  • Kushanas
  • The Gupta Empire
  • Arts and Culture
  • Exhibit on Mundeswari Temple
  • On Harshvardhana
  • The Great Buddhist Mahaviharas
  • The Palas of Bengal
  • Three Sections on Pala Sculptures

History Gallery C Consists of exhibits on:

  • Medieval Bihar
  • Delhi and Bengal Sultanates
  • Mughal Dynasty
  • Sur Dynasty
  • British Accession and Battles for Bihar at Plassey and Buxar
  • Bihar during the Nawabs of Bengal
  • Patna School of Paintings
  • Sufism in Bihar
  • Patna’s Connection with Sikhism

The Bihari Diaspora Gallery

The Bihari Diaspora of the Bihar Museum showcases the achievements and accolades of those Biharis who have contributed immensely to the development of the history and culture of other lands than Bihar, where they have settled. Through an interactive map, you can view how the Bihari diaspora is scattered all over the world, the trade routes, and how the population of Bihar had been relocated to different lands of the world.

Bihar Museum Patna Visible Storage Gallery

Priceless artifacts have been stored in glass cases in the Visible Storage Gallery. You can view and study these artifacts. The terracotta artifacts include:

  • Toys
  • Human Figurines
  • Animal Figurines

There is a collection and storage of coins in the visible storage gallery which showcases different currencies being issued and used by different dynasties.

Bihar Museum Patna Historical Art Gallery

Deedarganj Yakshi
Deedarganj Yakshi

The historical art gallery showcases historical masterpieces from ancient History. The major attraction is that of Deedarganj Yakshi. The sculpture of the Deedarganj Yakshi has been sculpted during the Mauryan Reign. This section also exhibits Buddhist and Jain art, Female Deities, Terracotta Artefacts, Hindu Deities, etc.

Bihar Museum Patna Courtyard

The Bihar Museum Patna has seven open-to-sky courtyards with trees, Greenery, and water bodies inside its area. Visitors experience both open and closed spaces while exploring the museum area. This is further divided into the following:

  • Waterfall Court or the Jal Angan
  • Peepal Court a Triangular Courtyard.
  • Amphitheatre, an airy space under the sky.
  • Niranjana Courtyard, on the theme of the Buddha.

In addition to all these, there is a publication and education section, sales counter, cafeteria, and restaurant named as ‘Potbelly’ within the premises of the Bihar Museum.

Bihar Museum Patna Awards and Recognition

The Bihar Museum Patna has got several awards and accolades such as:

  • IF Design Award
  • German Design Award
  • Kyoorius Inbook Award 2016
  • GRIHA Award with 5-Star Rating

Bihar Museum Patna Location Details

The Bihar Museum Patna is located at the Nehru Path, Patna, Bihar 800001. The Museum is around 4 KMs away from the Patna Airport which may take you around 10-12 minutes to cover by Car. The nearest Railway Station is Patna Junction which is 2.5 KMs away by road.

For more detailed information you must visit the official website of Bihar Museum at

FAQ on Bihar Museum Patna

Where is the Bihar Museum Located?

It is located at Nehru Path, Near Bailey Road, Patna, Bihar.

Who is the Bihar Museum Architect?

Opolis Architects (Mumbai), Maki and Associates (Japan)

What is the official website of the Bihar Museum?

The official website of Bihar Museum is

What is Bihar Museum Patna Ticket Price?

For Children: Rs. 50/-, For Adults: Rs.100/- and for Foreigners: Rs.500/-

What is the Bihar Museum Patna Opening Time?

The opening time of Bihar Museum Patna is 10:30 AM.

What is the closing time of Bihar Museum Patna?

The closing time of Bihar Museum Patna is 5 PM.

What day of the week does the Museum remain closed?

The Museum remains closed on Mondays.

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