PLI Scheme for Drones in India

Drones offer smooth techniques for the projects that people are already involved in and enhances the comfort and effectiveness of projects in various sectors such as Agriculture, Security, Infrastructure, Emergency Response, Geo-spatial Mapping, Transportation, law enforcement, defence, media and even entertainment and private events. In this post you will be informed about the PLI Scheme for Drones in India.

PLI Scheme for Drones in India

The Government of India is eyeing to make India a global hub for research and development, testing, manufacturing and operation of Drones under Atmnirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, the Government has created a regulatory framework for Drones. To facilitate further growth the Government has approved the Production Linked Incentive Scheme (PLI) scheme for Drone and Drone components in India.

Important Information on PLI Scheme for Drones in India

SchemePLI Scheme for Drones in India
Objective Incentivize manufacturing of Drones and
Drone components in India make it globally
EligibilityAll Drone manufacturers of India subject to compliance
Liberalised Drone Rules
Released on Date
August 25, 2021
Authority Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India
Financial OutlayRs 120 Crores
Scheme Period2022-23 and 2024-25
Nodal AuthorityPMA (Project Management Agency)

Eligibilty for PLI Scheme for Drones in India

PLI Scheme for Drones in India

All manufacturers of drones in India shall be eligible for this scheme subject to compliance. All manufacturers of the following drone components shall be eligible, subject to compliance:

  • Airframe, propulsion systems (engine and electric), power systems, batteries and associated components, launch and recovery systems.
  • Inertial Measurement Unit, Inertial Navigation System, flight control module, ground control station and associated components.
  • Communications systems (radio frequency, transponders, satellite-based etc.).
  • Cameras, sensors, spraying systems and related payload etc.
  • ‘Detect and Avoid’ system, emergency recovery system, trackers etc. and other components critical for safety and security.

The list of eligible drones and drone components may be modified by the Central Government from time to time.

Annual sales turnover should be above the following threshold for the manufacturers of drones and drone components. Only such manufacturers shall be eligible for claiming PLI.

Minimum annual sales turnover for claiming PLI:

Indian MSME and StartupsINR (In Crores)
Indian Non MSMEINR (In Crores)

The total PLI per manufacturer is capped at Rs 30 crore which is 25 per cent of the total financial outlay of Rs 120 crore.

Implementing Authority of the PLI Scheme for Drones in India

The Ministry of Civil Aviation would appoint a Project Management Agency (PMA) to carry out the plan. The PMA would perform other duties as delegated by the Ministry of Civil Aviation from time to time, including secretarial, managerial, and implementation assistance.

Purpose of PLI Scheme for Drones in India

  • Make India a globally competitive destination for the manufacturing of Drones.
  • To make India a global hub for the research and development, testing, manufacturing and operation of drones.
  • Due to their reach, adaptability, and usability, drones can significantly contribute to the creation of jobs and economic growth, particularly in India’s rural and inhospitable areas.
  • The drone manufacturing sector’s yearly sales revenue might increase from Rs 60 crore in FY 2020–21 to Rs 900 crore in FY 2023–24. Over the next three years, it is anticipated that the drone manufacturing sector would create over 10,000 direct jobs.
  • Drones offer tremendous benefits to almost every sector of the economy, including but not limited to, agriculture, infrastructure, emergency response, transportation, geospatial mapping, media and entertainment, law enforcement and national defence etc. mapping and scientific research by automating dangerous and repetitive tasks and enabling these activities to be performed in a transparent, efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Value addition to various sectors with the help of drones intervention.
  • Drones are also useful for National Security and counter surveillance operations.

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