Rajgir Zoo Safari

The Rajgir Zoo Safari or the Rajgir Wildlife Safari is a Wildlife area Safari located in Rajgir, Nalanda district, Bihar. In Zoo Safari Rajgir people can see the wild animals in their natural abode. Animals in the area move unrestricted in their natural habitat and people are taken in a protected way in an environment-friendly vehicle transport through the Safari so that they can enjoy the view, the landscape, and the beauty of the greens including the hills of Vaibhagiri and Songiri.

Rajgir Zoo Safari Bihar
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The Rajgir Zoo Safari is built by the Department of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Government of Bihar. It was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Bihar Shri Nitish Kumar on January 17, 2017. It was opened to the Public on February 16, 2022.

Rajgir Zoo Safari Important Facts

NameRajgir Zoo Safari
LocationRajgir, Nalanda District, Bihar
Area472.26 Acres
AuthorityDepartment of Environment, Forest and Climate Change,
Government of Bihar
Inaugurated byChief Minister of Bihar Shri Nitish Kumar
Inauguration Date January 17, 2017
Opened to the Public onFebruary 16, 2022
Total OutlayRs 177 Crore
No. Of Zones5
Official Websiterajgirzoosafari.bihar.gov.in
Rajgir Zoo Safari Ticket PriceRs. 250 (Includes Entry Ticket)
Open Timing9 AM (Check before going)
Closing Timing6 PM (Check before going)
Visiting Time Slots7
Last Visiting Timeslot3 PM to 4 PM
Rajgir Zoo Safari Online Ticket
Official Website
Rajgir Zoo Safari

Rajgir Zoo Safari Major Attractions

The Rajgir Zoo Safari consists of five zones into which animal safari is divided. They are Lion Safari, Tiger Safari, Leopard Safari, Bear Safari, and Herbivorous Safari.

Lion Safari

Asiatic Lion
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The lion safari in the Rajgir Wildlife Safari consists of Asiatic Lions that weigh 300-500 pounds and can live upto 16 to 18 years. The Asiatic Lion comes under the endangered list of the IUCN. The male Asiatic Lions are notorious for sleeping and can sleep upto 20 hours. They prey on deer and antelopes.

Tiger Safari

The Tiger Safari at the Rajgir Wildlife Safari consists of the Royal Bengal Tiger weighing up to 260 KGs and up to 10 ft tall. They have sharp claws and sharp canine teeth. Its scientific name is Panthera Tigris. It is one of the biggest Wild Cats that are Alive today. It comes under the world’s charismatic Megafauna. Therefore, it looks magnificent in its natural habitat.

Leopard Safari

Indian Leopard
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The Leopard Safari at the Rajgir Wildlife Safari consists of the Indian Leopard which weighs up to 77 kg and is 4.5 ft tall. It can run at a speed of 60 km/h and can easily climb trees. Its scientific name is Panthera Pardus. It comes under the Vulnerable category of the IUCN red list of species.

Bear Safari

sloth bear
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The Bear Safari at the Rajgir Wildlife Safari consists of a Sloth Bear that weighs up to 300 pounds and has a maximum height of 6ft. It can eat fruits, ants, and termites. It comes under the Vulnerable category of the IUCN red list of species. Its scientific name is Melursus Ursinus. It has a long lower lip which helps in sucking insects.

Herbivorous Safari

Rajgir Safari

The Herbivorous Safari at the Rajgir Wildlife Safari consists of Sambar, Blackbuck, Hog Deer, Barking Deer, Chital with several types of natural forests, including broad grasslands, bamboo thickets, and deep sal forests.

Sambar is a large deer with a light brown color and a shade of yellow on its body. It is considered a vulnerable species as per IUCN.

Blackbuck is an Indian Antelope with big long twisted horns. It weighs around 20kg-57kg. The Blackbuck is listed in Appendix III of CITES.

Barking deer is another deer found in the Rajgir Zoo Safari which as its name suggests makes sounds such that if you are too close to it then its sound may impact your eardrums.

Chital and Hog deer are also found in the Zoo Safari. The Herbivorous animals of the Safari also serve the purpose of the prey to the carnivorous animals present in the Safari.

Recreational Facilities Present in the Rajgir Zoo Safari

Apart from the view of wild animals and magnificent flora and fauna, the Rajgir Zoo Safari also offers several recreational and educational setups such as a Selfie Point with animal statues, a zoo safari park, a center that shows informative videos on wild animals, a series of paintings of wild animals.

The Safari also informs about the challenges faced by wild animals for their survival and makes people aware of the efforts of the department of environment, forest, and climate change in conserving the flora and fauna.

It houses a beautiful digital butterfly zone, an orientation center, an aviary, a 180-degree 3 Dimensional theatre, and an Oath Column (shapath Stambha).

There is a museum in the Rajgir Zoo Safari that elaborates whereabouts of the wild animals and their species that are present on the Safari.

You can also enjoy the waterfall, Mobile Cafeteria, Bamboo Hut, Rock Climbing, Cycling Track, and a shooting range.

Rajgir Zoo Safari Ticket Booking and Price

Rajgir Zoo Safari Opening time is 9 AM and the Closing time is 6 PM. It remains open on all days of the week except Monday. It remains closed on Monday. The ticket Price for the Rajgir Zoo safari is as follows.

Category of PersonsTicket Price*
Entry Fee (Adult)Rs. 100/-
Entry Fee (Children up to 4ft 6in)Rs. 100/-
Safari Fee Adult (It includes Entry Fee)Rs. 250/-
Safari Fee Children (It includes Entry Fee)Rs. 250/-
Children Below 2 Years OldNil/ Free

Kindly check the price before visiting the zoo on the Official Website. There is also a facility for Bulk ticket booking for Educational Tour. For this, you have to contact its official E-mail at rajgirzoosafari2@gmail.com.

Parking Charges at the Rajgir Zoo Safari*

Type of VehicleCharges
Bus (35 Seaters)Rs. 200/-
Mini Bus (16-34 Seater)Rs. 150/-
Car/ JeepRs. 50/-
E-Rickshaw and other small vehiclesRs. 50/-
Motorcycle/ Scooter/ BikeRs. 20/-
CycleRs. 10/-
The Parking is valid for the duration of 4 hours

*Kindly check the charges with the official authority before visiting Safari. Safari tickets include all five wildlife safaris along with entry and other facilities provided in the Zoo Safari reception area.

There is also a facility for video shooting which is chargeable and with some restrictions.

Rajgir Zoo Safari Online Ticket Booking

You can book online tickets for the Rajgir Zoo Safari on its official website https://rajgirzoosafari.bihar.gov.in. or online ticket booking.

How to Reach Rajgir Zoo Safari

The Rajgir Zoo Safari is situated in Rajgir which is in the Nalanda District of Bihar. It is 101 Km from the Bihar Capital City, Patna by Road. The nearest airport to the safari is Gaya Airport which is 71 Km from the safari by road. The safari is also accessible through the Railway Station. The nearest Railway Station is Rajgir Railway station. Gaya Railway station is 60 Km away from the Safari by Road.

FAQ on Rajgir Zoo Safari

Q.) Where is Rajgir Zoo Safari?

Ans: Nalanda District, Bihar. It is 101.9 Km from the capital city of Patna.

Q.) What is the ticket price for Rajgir Zoo Safari?

Ans: Rs. 250 (Adult), Rs. 250 (Child), Free for children below 2 years.

Q.) How many animals are there in Rajgir Zoo Safari?

Ans: Over 250. However, many new animals are being brought from different places into the zoo safari.

Q.) What is Rajgir national park famous for?

Ans: It is famous for Asiatic Lion, Royal Bengal Tiger, Sloth Bear, Indian Leopard, and various antelopes and deers Safari.

Q.) On which day Rajgir Zoo Safari is closed?

Ans: Monday

Q.) What is Rajgir Safari Official Website?

Ans: rajgirzoosafari.bihar.gov.in

Q.) Which Authority administers the Rajgir Zoo Safari?

Ans: Rajgir Zoo Safari is developed and managed by the Department of Forest, Environment, and Climate change.

Q.) What is the cost of the project of the Rajgir Zoo Safari?

Ans: The cost of the project is approximately Rs 177 Crore.

Q.) What is the total area of Rajgir Zoo Safari?

Ans: The Rajgir Zoo safari spreads over an area of 191.12 hectares in the Nalanda district which is 85 KMs southeast of the capital Patna.

Q.) Into how many zones Rajgir Zoo Safari has been divided?

Ans: 5

Q.) What are some attractions of the Rajgir Zoo Safari?

Ans: It consists of an aviary, a butterfly park, an interpretation center, a 180-degree theatre, an orientation gallery, and amphitheater, and a management section. it can accommodate over 250 herbivores and carnivores.

Q.) When was the foundation of Rajgir Zoo Safari Laid?

Ans: Its foundation was laid by the Chief Minister of Bihar Shri Nitish Kumar on January 17, 2017.

Q.) When the Rajgir Zoo Safari is opened to the Public?

Ans: It was opened to the public on February 16, 2022.

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