Telhar Kund Bihar

Telhar Kund also known as Telhar waterfall or Telhar Kund waterfall is a magnificent waterfall in the Indian State of Bihar. There are many beautiful scenic places in Bihar that are natural and mesmerizing that many people don’t know about. Telhar Kund is one among them. Read this post carefully to know about Telhar Kund of Bihar.

Telhar Kund BPSC
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Telhar Kund Overview

Telhar Kund, is situated in Akhaura Block, Kaimur District of Bihar. Telhar Kund or the Telhar Waterfall falls from a height of 80 feets from a highland. This highland system consists of Kaimur hills on Rohtas Plateau which is connected to Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh on its sides. Kaimur hills are a part of the Vindhya Range that spans around 500 KMs. It is near the Durgavati River of Bhabhua.

The water coming out from Telhar Kund remains cool every season, every month. Amidst the area and the Forests of kaimur hills are situated beautiful Telhar Kund Waterfall, Tutla Bhavani Waterfall, Kashish Water Fall, Manjhar Kund, and greenery that becomes more vibrant during rainy days.

The waterfall also consists of a dam named Karamchat Dam.

Telhar Kund Location

In this section, we will discuss Telhar Kund location or How to reach Telhar Kund. It is located at a distance of 226 KM from the capital Patna by road. The nearest Airport to Telhar Kund is Gaya Airport which is 196 KM by road. Nearest Railway Station to Telhar Kund is Bhabhua Railway Station BBU. The Bhabhua Railway Station is 47 KM away from the Telhar Kund.

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FAQ on Telhar Kund

In which district of Bihar Telhar Kund is situated?

Telhar Kund is situated in Kaimur District of Bihar.

In which Block of Kaimur Telhar Kund is situated?

In Akhaura Block of Kaimur Telhar Kund is situated.

From what height Telhar waterfall falls into the Kund?

From a height of 80 Feet, the waterfall falls into the Kund.

On which Plateau Kaimur Hills are located?

On Rohtas Plateau Kaimur Hills are located.

Which adjoining states are connected with the Kaimur Hills?

Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh.

Kaimur Hills are a part of which range?

Kaimur Hills are a part of Vindhya Range.

Which river is located near Kaimur Hills?

Durgavati River is located near Kaimur Hills.

For how many days the water of Telhar Kund remains cool?

All days, 12 months.

Where is Tutla Bhawani Waterfall situated?

Ans: Kaimur Hills

Where is Kashish Waterfall situated?

Ans: Kaimur Hills

Where is Manjhar Kund situated?

Kaimur Hills

What is the name of Dam situated at Telhar Kund?

Name of the dam situated at Telhar Kund is Karamchat Dam

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