Marine Drive Patna

Marine Drive Patna officially called as JP Ganga Pathway or Jay Prakash Ganga Path or simply Ganga Path is a newly constructed road in Patna which is called as Marine Drive Patna on the lines of Mumbai Marine drive because it is constructed along the river Ganga.

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Currently, it connects Digha area to the PMCH (Patna Medical College and Hospital). The stretch is of 6.6 KMs. The Ganga Path will also be expanded to connect several parts of the city which will help in seamless connectivity to the people of the state. The Patna Marine drive or Ganga Path was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Bihar Shri Nitish Kumar on June 24, 2022. After reading this article you will get to know all the major details of Patna Marine Drive.

Marine Drive Patna

Marine Drive Patna at a Glance

NameMarine Drive Patna, JP Ganga Path, Ganga Path, Lok Nayak Ganga Path
ConnectsDigha to PMCH in Phase 1, later upto Deedarganj and Fatuha
Inaugurated byChief Minister Nitish Kumar
Inauguration DateJune 24, 2022
Project ByHUDCO and Government of Bihar
CategoryPlaces to Know in Bihar
HeightUpto 13m
Financial OutlayRs. 3106 Crore
Project Foundation Laid onOctober 11, 2013
Compared toMarine Drive Mumbai,
Thames Path, London
TypeFour Lane Access Controlled Expressway
Project Length20.5 KM

Marine Drive Patna Overview

Patna Marine Drive or Ganga Path is built to connect Digha to Deedarganj area of Patna which is a stretch of 20.5 KMs. It is to be built in phases in which connectivity will be expanded. In phase 1 the Marine Drive connects Digha to PMCH hospital which is 6.6 Kms. In different phases the plan is to connect it to Deedarganj and later to Fatuha which is an industrial town on the outskirts of Patna.

The Patna Marine Drive or Ganga Path is built parallel to Ashok Rajpath. The main entrance of PMCH is situated on Ashok Rajpath. Ashok Rajpath is one of the busiest roads of Patna. Earlier, it became difficult to quickly reach PMCH due to traffic jams on Ashok Rajpath road. In case of emergency, patients need to reach PMCH as quickly as possible. Construction of Ganga Path or Marine drive will help in this regard. It connects PMCH from its rear side. Ambulances can reach easily from the ganga path to PMCH.

Marine Drive Patna
view of JP setu from marine drive patna

The Marine Drive of Patna will also help to minimise crowd from different parts of the city by diverting them. It has exit points from which the public can avoid crowded areas. It also connects to the JP Setu which is a rail cum road bridge between Patna and Hajipur.

Marine Drive Patna Connectivity

Marine Drive Patna connects Digha which is situated in the West direction of Patna to Deedarganj which is in the east side of Patna. From going west to east in this route i.e. from Digha to Deedarganj the path connects LCT Ghat, AN Sinha institute, PMCH, Krishna Ghat, Gai Ghat, Kangan Ghat and Patna Ghat.

The Ganga Path has Entry and Exit points from Gandhi Maidan Patna. In west it also connects to the JP Setu which is parallel to the famous Gandhi Setu Bridge. The JP Setu is an alternative to Gandhi Setu which is used by the people to go from patna to hajipur and vice versa.

The Marine Drive also has an Entry and Exit point from the Atal Path which connects various areas of the city. It also helps in enhanced connectivity to National Highway 30, PMCH and AIIMS, Patna.

After the completion of the project it will connect NH-30 and AIIMS Digha Elevated corridor in the west to Kacchi Dargah Bidupur Bridge which is under construction on the river Ganga in the east.

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People who want to go to Gandhi Maidan, Sabhyata Dwar, Fun Cinemas, BN College, Patna Collectoriate, Gol Ghar, Biscomaun Bhawan, AN Sinha institute, Bapu Sabhagar, SK Memorial Hall, Vigyan Kendra etc will be able to reach there via approach roads. You can easily use Patna Marine drive map on google to easily navigate in the area.

Some people also call it by the name Durga Marine Drive Patna, Marine Drive Mumbai Wala, Ganga Marine Drive Patna etc but in reality it is known officially as the JP Ganga Path of Patna.


The Marine Drive Patna connectivity with the Gaighat would be completed by June 2023. It means that people will have access upto the Gaighat area after June via the JP Ganga Path or the Marine Drive in Patna. Also, the Kacchi Dargah Bidupur six lane bridge which is another bridge being constructed over the Ganges (Ganga Nadi) near the Patna Marine Drive will connect Raghopur of Patna till December. This will ease the traffic connectivity of Patna which is a major cause of concern due to the heavy traffic growing day by day in Patna.

Marine Drive Patna FAQ

Is there a Marine Drive in Patna

Yes, there is a so called Marine Drive in Patna. It is however known as JP-Ganga Path and a well constructed roadway along the river Ganga in Patna district of Bihar.

Who inaugurated the Patna Marine Drive

Chief Minister of Bihar Shri Nitish Kumar inaugurated the Patna Marine Drive/ JP Ganga Path.

When was Marine Drive Patna started

Marine Drive Patna was inaugurated on June 24, 2022.

What is the real name of Marine Drive Patna?

The real or official name of Marine Drive Patna is JP Ganga Path. JP stands for Jay Prakash Narayan who was a renowned freedom fighter from Bihar.

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