Largest Gold Reserve of India in Bihar

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The country’s largest gold reserve has been found in Jamui district of Bihar. The Bihar Government is planning to allow exploration in the designated areas. Important points regarding the developments are:

  1. Around 222.88 million tonnes of Gold reserve are there in Jamui as per Geological Survey of India.
  2. The Geological Survey of India has sited the presence of Gold in the areas of Karmatia, Jhajha, and Sono in Jamui.
  3. Bihar has the highest share of Gold reserves in the country. Union Minister of mines Shri Prahlad Joshi had informed the Lok Sabha last year.
  4. Bihar has approximately 222.88 million tonnes of Gold metal that amounts to 44% of Gold reserves of India.
  5. Exploration can be done by the help of Geological Survey of India, National Mineral Development Corporation in consultation with state agencies such as Bihar State Mines and Department of Geology.
  6. Along with Gold, 37.6 tonnes of mineral ore are also reported.
  7. There is a story famous in the area where the Gold reserve is found. The story goes like, Fourty years ago there was a big Banyan tree in the area. Since, the area was too hot, ants started building nest in the Banyan tree to escape heat. By the activities of the ant the bottom soil lifted to the surface and some yellow glittering substance exposed itself. Then some locals recognised and reported it to the authorities. This is how it all get started.
  8. The exploration might find something that may be a start of a new prosperous era for Bihar.

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