Shahi Litchi to be exported from Bihar

  1. Shahi Litchi to be exported from Bihar’s Muzaffarpur to Mumbai.
  2. It will be exported from ‘Pawan Express’ between Muzaffarpur to Mumbai.
  3. Muzaffarpur comes under the East Central Railway which also provides special transport facility by rail parcel wagons from Muzaffarpur.
  4. In 2018 Shahi Litchi of Bihar ha recieved the GI tag or the Geographical Indicators’ tag.
  5. The GI label assists cultivators with getting superior cost of the item as no other maker can abuse the name to showcase comparable products.
  6. Shahi Litchi of Bihar especially that of Muzaffarpur is rich in vitamins B, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Vitamin C, potassium and many different minerals. It has a juicy pulp and has a different shades of fragrance.
  7. It is cultivated in around 15000 hectare of land in Muzaffarpur.
  8. Around Fifty percent of revenue of the sales from Shahi Litchi of Bihar comes from Muzaffarpur only.
  9. Shahi Litchi of Bihar was also exported to United Kingdom in May last year.
  10. Apart from Shahi Litchi, other GI tag products from Bihar is Zardalu Mango, Katarni Rice, Magahi Pan etc.
  11. Favourable climate for growing Shahi Litchi is present in Bihar in areas such as Muzaffarpur, Vaishali, Samastipur, Champaran and Begusarai.
  12. India is second largest Litchi producer. The largest produce of Litchi in the world is China.
  13. Bihar tops the Litchi production in India.
  14. A GI tag certification and global acceptance has made Shahi Litchi a valuable commodity and it has the potential to bring prosperity to the region.
Representational Image. Image Source: Pixabay

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