Patna High Court cancelled the order of Bihar Secretariat that stopped 100 percent pension

Patna High Court cancelled the order of Bihar Secretariat to stop 100 percent pension and imposed a fine of one lakh rupees.

In one of its important decisions, the High Court has imposed a fine of Rupees One Lakh on the Secretariat officers. Justice PV Bajanathri passed this order while hearing the writ petition of Vasudev Das.

The petitioner Vasudev Das had challenged the order before the High Court, under which the Chief Minister’s Secretariat issued an order and stopped his hundred percent pension without any final order under the departmental proceedings under Section 43 (B) of the Bihar Pension Rules. It was stopped without informing.

The Court observed from the perusal of the records that out of the sixteen charges against the petitioner, only one charge is proved. Further, the petitioner was compelled to approach the High Court on two occasions despite not completing the disciplinary proceedings.

No final order has been passed in the disciplinary proceedings initiated against the petitioner. On the contrary, after the retirement of the petitioner there was an internal communication from the office of the Secretariat to the office of the Accountant General for deduction of hundred per cent pension from the pension of the petitioner.

In view of these circumstances, the High Court has imposed a fine on the office bearers posted in the Secretariat. They have to deposit it in the Legal Services Committee of the High Court within two months.

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