February 2022 Current Affairs

1. Russian President Vladimir Putin Visit to India in December 2021:

  • 21st India-Russia Annual Summit
  • Sputnik V vaccine was discussed
  • India-Russia also met at BRICS summit previously held in Brasilia in November 2019.
  • 22nd India-Russia summit will be held in Russia in 2022.
  • First 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue between India-Russia held in Sushma Swaraj Bhavan New Delhi.
  • 2+2 Ministerial dialogue consists of both sides of Ministers of External Affairs and Defence.
  • 28 MOU between India-Russia inked on defence cooperation for 10 years.
  • India will receive S-400 missiles from Russia. S-400 is an LR-SAM (mobile Long Range Surface to Surface Air Missile) manufactured by Russian state owned enterprise Almaz-Antey.
  • An agreement for the production of 601427 units of AK-203 assault Rifles (of Russia) in Amethi, UP.
  • An agreement is also signed for Space collaboration between India-Russia. Russian space agency is known as ROCOSMOS and Indian Space agency is ISRO.

2. Asian Development Bank (ADB) to Provide $250 billion Loan to improve Urban services in India.

  • To support policies of MOHUA (ministry of housing and urban affairs).
  • This is a part of AMRUT 2.0. AMRUT stands for Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation.
  • India has 46 crore population living in urban areas is also the second largest in the world. It is projected to reach 60 crore by 2030. Urban areas contribute to over 60% of country’s GDP.

3. ISRO-OPPO collaboration:

  • It will strengthen Research and Development of NaviC messaging service. NaviC is an Indian satellite navigation system. NaviC stands for Navigation with Indian Constellation. It is regional Geo-positioning system designed by ISRO to provide accurate position, navigation, and timing of the Indian mainland and area of 1500 Kms beyond the Indian Mainland. It is like USA’s GPS, Russia’s GLONAS, Europe’s Galilio.
  • NaviC is powered by dual frequency S,L bands while GPS has only one L band.
  • Xiaomi is the only company to have Navic installed in its phones.

4. India’s First CDS (Chief of Defence Staff) died in a Helicopter Crash:

  • On December 8, 2021 India’s first CDS General Bipin Rawat martyred due to a Helicopter crash in Coonoor near Tamil Nadu.
  • The Helicopter was IAF Mi17V5.
  • General Bipin Rawat was appointed the first CDS of the country, in 2019
  • CDS can serve upto the age of 65 years, whereas Army chiefs retire at the age of 62 and has a tenure of 3 years.
  • The post of CDS was created in 2019 on the recommendation of Sheketkar committee.

5. Some important facts from 2021 year:

  • India approved 2 covid vaccines: Bharat Biotech Covaxin and Oxford Astrazeneca Covishield on January 3, 2021 and mass vaccination drive begins from January 16, 2021. Covid vaccine doses administered, crossed a billion mark on October, 2021.
  • ISRO launched 19 satellites onboard the PSLV C 51.
  • TATA Group acquired 100% stake of AIR INDIA for Rs 18000 crore. It was acquired by TATA’s subsidiary ‘Talace India Pvt Limited’.
  • Harnaz Sandhu became Miss Universe 2021. India won the pageant after 21 Years.
  • Cyclonic Storm ‘Taukte’ affected parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra while ‘Yaas’ affected parts of Odisha and West Bengal.
  • India’s operation in Afghanistan is known as ‘Operation Devi Shakti’.

6. India re-elected to International Maritime Organisation Council:

  • India re-elected to International Maritime Organisation Council for 2022-23 under category B states.
  • IMO (International Maritime Organisation) is a UN body constituted for safety and security for Shipping. It has 175 member states.

7. Chief Guests for India’s Republic Day 2022:

  • India had invited the five central Asian country (Kazakhastan, Kryghystan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan) heads as chief Guests for the Republic Day 2022. But later due to the spread of Omicron variant of Covid the plan was cancelled.

8. India EXIM bank $448 million allocation for Uzbekistan.

  • Projects include Infrastructure development, education, Information Technology and Healthcare.

9. Seventh India International Science Festival in Panaji, GOA:

  • Minister of state for Science and Technology Jitendra Singh inaugurated.
  • IISF is a joint programme of Ministry of Science and Tech, Ministry of Earth Sciences, and Vijnana Bharti (VIBHA).
  • Theme of IISF 2021: Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav-celebrating creativity, science and technology and innovation for a prosperous India.

10. Eighth Indian Ocean Dialogue:

  • Theme: Leveraging digital technologies for health, education, development and trade in Indian ocean Rim Association (IORA).

11. PM Modi honoured with Bhutan Highest Civilian Award:

  • Bhutan conferred its highest civilian award ‘Ngadag Pel Gi Khorlo’ on PM Modi on the occasion of its National Day.

12. India-Vietnam signed a pact on Digital Media.

13. India-Taiwan setting up a ‘Four Group’:

  • To focus on creating semiconductor manufacturing hub.
  • It also consists of education and training in highly special manpower needs in the industry.

14. Honduras First Female President:

  • Honduras elected its first female President ‘Xiomara Castro’.
  • Honduras is a central American country with Caribbean Sea coastlines to its north and the Pacific Ocean to its south. Capital is Tegucigalpa.

15. Fifth Indian Ocean Conference in Abu Dhabi:

  • Minister of External Affairs Dr. S. Jaishankar attended.
  • Theme: Indian Ocean Ecology, Economy, Epidemic.
  • This conferenece was chaired by Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajpaksa.

16. Nicaragua announced that it will only recognise China and not Taiwan.

17. UNGA grants observer status to International Solar Alliance:

  • UNGA grants observer status to ISA by adopting resolution 76/123.
  • 108 countries participated in the 4th UNGA of ISA.
  • ISA was jointly launched by India and France on November 2015, during 21st session of United Nations climate change conference, COP 21 in Paris.
  • Major objective of ISA includes deployment of 1000 GW of solar capacity, and mobilisation of $1000 billion of investment in the solar energy sector by 2030.

18. Riyadh Philosophy Conference:

  • This conference was held in the capital Riyadh of Saudi Arabia.
  • This is a philosophy conference with the Theme ‘Unpredictability’.

19. New Caledonia-France Issue:

  • 96% voted against New Caledonia independence from France in a referendum.
  • Kanak community is the indigenous community of New Caledonia.
  • It was annexed by France on September 24, 1853 under the accord of Noumea.

20. Australia-South Korea defence deal:

  • $720 million Deal.
  • Largest defence deal of Australia with any Asian Nation.

21. Saudi-Arabia bans the Tablighi Jamaat:

  • The country termed it as a ‘Danger to Society’ and as a ‘Gate to Terrorism’.
  • Tablighi Jamaat is a trans-national Sunni Islamic missionary movement which aspires to follow the purest form of Sunni Islam.

22. Group of 7, G7 summit 2021:

  • The G7 summit of 2021 was held in June 2021 in Cornwall, England.
  • The G7 consists of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and the USA.
  • It was the 47th G7 summit under United Kingdoms’ presidency.
  • President of European Commission is a permanent welcome participant of the summit.
  • One of the main agendas were the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

23. Dubai World’s first 100% paperless government.

24. Lithuania closes its Embassy in China:

  • Lithuania closes its Embassy in China over Taiwan issue.
  • Lithuania allowed opening of Taiwanese Embassy in its capital Vilnius.
  • This infuriated China because it considers Taiwan under ‘One China Policy.

25. Chile elected youngest President:

  • Gabriel Boric is the youngest President of Chile who is 35 years of age.
  • Youngest person in the world heading a country is 26 yrs old Giacomo Simoncini, who is Captain Reagent of San Marino, Italy.

26. Olaf Scholz appointed as Germany’s Chancellor:

  • He succeeds Angela Merkel.
  • He is the 9th Chancellor of Germany after the WW-2.
  • Angela Merkel, the former Chancellor served for 16 years.
  • Olaf Scholz is a member of Social Democratic Party of Germany.

27. US sanctions China:

  • United States of America sanctions China over the issue of Uighur Muslims.
  • US blamed China of violating the human rights of Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang Province of China.

28. World Bank President is ‘David Malpass’.

29. NHAI chairman – Alka Upadhyaya.

30. Executive Director of UNICEF – Catherine Russel.

31. Gen. M.M. Narvane became the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staffs Committee.

32. Time Magazine Person of the Year 2021 : Elon Musk.

33. Jnanpith Awards:

  • Assamese Poet Nilmani Phookan.
  • Konkani Novelist Damodar Maozo

34. Ramanujan Prize for young mathematician 2021: Dr. Neena Gupta.

35. World Athlete of the Year 2021:

  • Elaine Thomson Herah Jamaica.
  • Karlsten Warholm of Norway.
  • India’s Anju Bobby George named Women of the Year.

36. NASA launched IXPE:

  • IXPE stands for Imaging X-Ray Polarimeter Explorer.
  • Its objective is to unlock the secrets of Black Hole.
  • It was launched through the Space-X Falcon rocket.

37. DRDO, Ordinance Factory Medak and BEL, indigenously made AERV for the Indian Army.

  • AERV is Armoured Engineer Reconnaissance Vehicle.

38. India successfully tested ‘PRALAY Missile’.

  • It is a new generation indigenously developed surface to surface missile.
  • It is developed by DRDO.
  • It is based on Prithvi Missile.
  • Its range is 150 KM – 500 KM.
  • Dr. Satheesh Reddy is the Chairman of DRDO.

39. Kazhuveli Wetland : 16th bird sanctuary of Tamil Nadu.

40. Haiderpur Wetland of Uttar Pradesh : 47th Ramsar site of India.

  • The Ramsar convention is an intergovernmental environment convention adopted in Ramsar city of Iran in 1971 and implemented in 1975.
  • This convention unites 172 countries to protect Wetlands present in the World.
  • India has a total of 47 Ramsar sites with an area of 1090230 Hectares.

41. World’s most expensive City:

  • World’s most expensive city is Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Report was released by EIU (Economic Intelligence Unit).
  • Paris and Singapore is on Second number jointly.
  • Israel currency is Shekel.

42. Union Govt approved etablishment of Six Nuclear Power Reactors in Jaitpur, Maharashtra.

  • It will have technical cooperation from France.
  • It will be country’s largest nuclear power generating site.
  • BARC is also involved in its development.
  • It will be of a total capacity of 9900 MW.

43. Kashi Vishwanath Corridor of Varanasi:

  • PM Modi inauurates Phase 1 of Kashi Vishwanath Corridor of Varanasi.
  • This is a project worth of Rs 339 Crore.

44. UNESCO intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity List.

  • Durga Puja of Kolkata selected for UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity List.

45. Deputy National Security Advisor of India: Vikram Misri.

46. India successfully tested an Anti-Tank Missile: SANT Missile.

  • SANT stands for Stand Off Anti Tank.
  • DRDO and IAF jointly developed this missile.
  • It can be fired from a Helicopter.

47. Golden Peacock Environment Management Award 2021: SAIL

48. PETA India 2021 Person of the Year : Alia Bhatt.

49. Gujarat tops composite Good Governance Index.

50. NITI Ayog state health performance Index: Kerela on Rank 1.

51. Indian Men Cricket team captain for ODI and T20 : Rohit Sharma.

52. Vijay Hazare 2021 Title won by: Himachal Pradesh.

53. Theme of World Human Rights Day 2021: Reducing Inequalities and Advancing Human Rights.

54. Parker solar probe from NASA.

  • NASA scientists revealed that the Parker Solar probe touched the sun.
  • It explores the outer corona of the sun.
Parker Solar Probe

55. NASA launched a big space Telescope named James Webb Space Telescope.

56. Egypt joined the BRICS New Development bank (NDB) as its member.

  • Egypt is the fourth country outside BRICS to join.
  • Other three countries joind the NDB are: Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates and Uruguay.

57. Monetary Policy Overview:

  • Repo Rate: 4%
  • Reverse Repo Rate: 3.35%
  • Marginal Standing Facility MSF: 4,25%
  • GDP growth rate of India in the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2022: 8.4%

58. UAE First country to transition to four and half day work week.

59. Most visible corporation of India: Reliance.

  • Wizikey News Score Report, 2021.

60. India third top place for hosting Unicorns.

  • India displaces UK as it secured the 3rd place.
  • India added 33 Unicorns in a single year.
  • Unicorns are companies with over a Billion Dollar value.

61. 126 Tigers died in 2021 in India, National Tiger Conservation Authority Reported.

62. India-Israel 30th Anniversary of Bilateral Diplomatic Relations.

63. Shreshtha Yojana: By Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

  • On the occasion of death anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.
  • For the holistic development, and residential education of Scheduled Caste students.

64. ‘She is a Change Maker’ Programme by National Commission of Women (NCW).

  • For Women Political Leaders to enhance their Decision Making capabilities.

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