Makha Bucha Day Thailand

Makha Bucha Day is a day that is celebrated in Thailand on February 24 every year. It is a Buddhist festival similar to the Hindu Magha Pooja festival that is celebrated on the full moon day of the third lunar month. The Makha Bucha Day is a historic day in Buddhism as it was on this day a gathering was convened between the Buddha and his initial 1200+ disciples. Read this post about Makha Bucha to get the facts in details.

Makha Bucha Day

The Makha Bucha day also called as Magha Puja is a Buddhist festival celebrated on the full moon day in the eleventh month (Magha) of the year as per the Hindu calendar. It is celebrated around the world and especially in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar where there is a large presence of followers of Buddhism.

The Makha Bucha Day is also known as the Sangha day as on this day a community (sangha) was established for the first time. Sangha in Buddhism means Buddhist community. This day is also known as Buddhists all Saints day.

How Thai Makha Bucha Day Celebrations Started

The Makha Bucha day celebrations started after King Rama IV launched it in Thailand in the middle of the 19th century, later it gained immense popularity during the modern era. It began in Thailand and moved to other nations in South and Southeast Asia.

How Makha Bucha Day is Celebrated

The celebration involves temple visits for religious activities such as making offerings of flowers, candles, and incense. Devotees engage in merit-making by giving alms, performing acts of kindness, and making donations. Evening candlelit processions called “Wian Tian” and circumambulation rituals take place, symbolising reverence for the Triple Gem. Temples organise sermons, and adherents observe the Five or Eight Precepts, abstaining from non-virtuous activities.

Relation Between Makha Bucha of Buddhism and Magha Poornima of Hindusim

Makha Bucha Day in Buddhism is a Buddhist holiday that falls on the full moon day of the third lunar month. It honours the 1,250 disciples who gathered spontaneously to hear the Buddha deliver a discourse while Magha Purnima is a Hindu festival celebrated on the full moon day (Purnima) of the Magha month (11th month) in the Hindu calendar. It holds significance in various Hindu traditions.

On this day Buddhist Devotees engage in merit-making activities, visit temples, make offerings, participate in candlelit processions (Wian Tian), and observe ethical precepts. The focus is on reflecting on Buddha’s teachings and cultivating spiritual virtues. In Hindu tradition, Devotees take ritual baths in sacred rivers, especially at the confluence of rivers. The day is associated with the worship of Lord Vishnu and the ancestral Pitrs (forefathers).

Contemporary Relevance of Makha Bucha Day

The tenets and rituals of Makha Bucha, although their ancient origins, are still relevant today because they meet the moral and spiritual requirements of the modern world. Things that demonstrate its importance are:

  • Makha Bucha places a strong emphasis on introspection and mindfulness in order to foster inner serenity and self-awareness.
  • The day offers people a chance to stop, think, and establish a spiritual connection amid the hectic and frequently stressful modern world.
  • The teachings of Makha Bucha offer timeless direction for living a morally upright life in a world full of ethical problems. This Buddhist festival’s emphasis on moral behaviour serves as a reminder of the value of mindfulness and introspection in resolving today’s moral conundrums, providing a basis for people to make constructive contributions to society at large.


Makha Bucha Day ceremonies are a powerful illustration of the Buddhist tradition’s lasting spiritual relevance. This observance provides a potent opportunity for reflection and collective reverence. It is marked by visits to temples, merit-making endeavours, and the observance of ethical commandments.

Makha Bucha Day is not just a historical remembrance; it is also a dynamic custom that fosters moral behaviour, spiritual development, and a sense of community peace.

Makha Bucha Day FAQ

What is Makha Bucha Day?

Makha Bucha Day is a Buddhist festival celebrated on the full moon day of the third lunar month.

Who celebrates the Makha Bucha Day?

The followers of Buddhism celebrates the Makha Bucha Day.

When/ on what date the Makha Bucha Day is celebrated?

Makha Bucha Day is celebrated on February 24 every year.

What Hindu festival occurs at the same time?

Magha Poornima is celebrated ate the same time among the followers of Hinduism.

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