Cyclone Sitrang in Bihar

Sitrang is an upcoming cyclone, which can impact the state of Bengal, Odisha, Bihar and Jharkhand. Cyclone Sitrang has risen from the Bay of Bengal and may impact the weather of Bihar. However, Meteorological Dept. is of the view that there will be negligible effect of Cyclone Sitrang on the weather of Bihar.

Important Facts of Cyclone Sitrang

  • Cyclone Sitrang has risen in the Bay of Bengal Area.
  • It formed a low pressure area and lies between the Northern Andaman Sea and South-East of Bay of Bengal region on the last Friday.
  • It can reach the coastal areas of West Bengal and Bangladesh till October 25, 2022.
  • It may affect the weather conditions in Bihar.
  • The temperature in Bihar may dwindle due to the effect of Sitrang Cyclone.
  • The cyclonic storm is likely to change the wind direction from at present dry westerly, to moist and warm easterly.
  • The Cyclone may bring heavy rains and thunderstorms in parts of Odisha, the meteorological department said.

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