Buddha Smriti Park Patna

Buddha Smriti Park or Buddha Smriti Udyan is a park located in the capital city of Bihar, Patna dedicated to the memory of Lord Buddha. It was built by the Bihar Government and inaugurated by the Dalai Lama 14th to commemorate the 2554th birth anniversary of Lord Buddha. It is located in Frazer Road area, near Patna Junction Railway Station. Read the post to know more about the Buddha Memorial Park of Patna.

Buddha Smriti Park Patna

Buddha Smriti Park Important Information

NameBuddha Smriti Park
LocationFraser Road, Patna, Bihar.
Area22 Acres
Maintained ByBihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation (BUIDCO)
Total CostRs. 125 Crore
Opening Time09:00 A.M.
Closing Time06:00 P.M.
Closed OnMonday
Full AddressBuddha Smriti Park, Fraser Road,
Near Patna Railway Station, Fraser Road Area,
Patna, Bihar 800001
Relics Contributed fromThailand, Myanmar, Japan, South Korea and Sri Lanka.

Buddha Smriti Park Patna Overview

Mahatma Buddha got enlightenment under the Bodhi tree on the land of Bihar in Bodhgaya. Bodhgaya city is a place where visitors from across the globe visits every year. It is a well developed city around the theme of Buddha with many historical Monasteries and places related to the life of the Buddha. Therefore, to pay homage to Lord Buddha the Government of Bihar decided to develop a Buddha Smriti Park in the capital city Patna too.

It was built to commemorate the 2554th birth anniversary of Lord Buddha. The park is built across a sprawling campus of 22 acres. There are two Bodhi Trees inside the campus planted by the Dalai Lama at the time of its inauguration. Bodhi tree has a key importance as Mahatma Buddha got enlightenment under the bodhi tree.

There are many relics that His Holiness the Dalai Lama and a number of monks from Myanmar, Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and other countries have brought and are kept in the Buddha Smriti Park. The one relic excavated at Vaisahali is the main one in the park which is surrounded by 200 feet high Karuna Stupa. Karuna stupa is a circular structure and a main attraction of the park.

Buddha Smriti Park Patna Attractions

The Buddha Smriti Park or the Buddha Memorial Park has several attractions that are worth seeing. They are:

  • Meditation Centre
  • Karuna Stupa
  • Smriti Bagh (The Park of Memories)
  • Museum
  • Laser Show
  • Bodhi Tree

Meditation Centre

We know that a key component of Buddha’s teachings consists of Meditations. The Buddhist Monks meditate a lot. A meditation centre facility is built inside the park along the lines of Nalanda University Monasteris. 60 meditation cells are there and you can see the central Stupa from each one of them.

Karuna Stupa

The Karuna Stupa is the most prominent attraction of the Buddha Smriti Park which is also the most visible part of the park. It is a mound like hemispherical structure that contains relics. It is built over the main relic brought from Vaishali. It is 200 Ft high.

Karuna Stupa

Smriti Bagh

Smriti Bagh showcases the expansion of Buddhism from India to other parts of the world. It represents the dedicated stupas from across the world. People can sit there and understand the meaning.


The museum consists of audio visual multimedia experience of the Buddhist history. It also represent art forms of Buddhist cave monasteries. The museum also consists of display of Buddha’s life in the form of 3D- Modelling forms.

Laser Show

The laser show at the Buddha Smriti Park is a simple show that displays the lights with the help of water and fountains. The timings for laser light and sound show are from 6:30 P.M. to 08:30 P.M.

Bodhi Tree

Saplings of Bodhi tree were planted at the time of inauguration of the Buddha Smriti Park. They have been brought from the original trees present in Bodhgaya and Sri Lanka. Apart from the Bodhi trees, the park has a wonderful placement of many other trees.

Buddha Memorial Park/ Buddha Smriti Park Entry Fee

There are several facilities in the park. The details of the entry fee of each one as of 2023 is given below. Kindly check with the official authority of the Park before giving the fee.

Park Entry FeeRs.20/-
Karuna Stupa FeeRs.50/-
Meditation Centre FeeRs.500/-
Museum FeeRs.40/-
Library FeeRs.40/-

Buddha Smriti Park Location, Landmark

The Buddha Memorial Park is located near Patna Junction and Mahavir Mandir in the Fraser Road area. An old market of electronic goods known as Chandni Chowk is located opposite to Buddha Smriti Park. The Park is at a walking distance from the Patna Railway Station.

Buddha Smriti Park FAQ

Where is Buddha Smriti Park?

Buddha Smriti Park is in Patna, Bihar. It is located close to the Patna Junction.

What is the Entry Fee of Buddha Smriti Park?

The Entry Fee of Buddha Smriti Park is INR 20/-

On which day Buddha Park is closed in Patna?

Patna Buddha Smriti Park remains closed on Mondays.

What is Buddha Smriti Park Timing?

Buddha Smriti Park Timing is 09 A.M. to 6/7 P.M. evening.

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