BPSC 68 Bihar Important Facts

Yaad Rakhne yogya Bihar ke kuch Mahatvapoorn Tathya

  1. Bihar Capital – Patna
  2. Bihar was made a State in the year 1912 as Bihar Odisha Province.
  3. Bihar and Odisha was carved out of Bengal province in 1912.
  4. Bihar and Odisha separated and a new State Bihar formed in the year 1936.
  5. So, first division of Bihar took place in the year 1936.
  6. Second division of Bihar was done when the state Jharkhand is created.
  7. Jharkhand was created on November 15, 2000.
  8. Bihar celebrates its state day on March 22.
  9. First official language of Bihar is Hindi.
  10. Second language of Bihar is Urdu.
  11. The language that is spoken by large number of people in Bihar is Maithili.
  12. Other famous languages spoken in Bihar: Bhojpuri, Angika, Magahi.
  13. High Court of the state is situated in the capital city, Patna. It was established on February 3, 1916.
  14. Bihar state Animal is Ox. Its scientific name is Bos Tauraus.
  15. Bihar State bird is Sparrow. Its scientific name is Passeridae.
  16. Sparrow Day is celebrated in Bihar on March 20.
  17. Bihar State Tree is declared to be Peepal.
  18. Bihar State Flower is declared as Marigold or Genda.
  19. Bihar word is taken from the word Vihar which means a place to reside. During the Buddhist era Bihar was a residing place or Vihara for many Buddhist Monks and seekers.
  20. Bihar is an Eastern State of India.
  21. It lies between 24 degree 20 minutes 10 seconds North Latitude to 27 degree 31 minutes and 15 seconds North Latitude.
  22. It also lies between 83 degree 19 minutes and 50 seconds East Longitude and 8 degree 17 minutes and 40 seconds East Longitude.
  23. From North to South it is 345 KMs in length.
  24. From East to West the state is 483 KMs wide.
  25. Bihar is a landlocked State which means it is bounded by land on all of its sides.
  26. North of Bihar lies Nepal, South of it is Jharkhand, East of the state lies West Bengal and West is Uttar Pradesh.
  27. Bihar has a total area of 94163 Square KMs.
  28. Urban Area is 1905.49 Square Kms and Rural Area comprises of 92257.51 square KMs.
  29. Bihar is the 13th Largest State in India in terms of Area.
  30. The Bihar State comprises of 2.86% of the total Area of the Country.
  31. Height above Sea Level of the state is 53 mm or 173 feet.
  32. Bihar Consists of 9 Divisions.
  33. The State comprises of 38 Districts.
  34. There are 101 Sub Divisions in the State.
  35. There are 8471 Gram Panchayats in the State.
  36. There are 45103 revenue villages in the State.
  37. There are 199 Towns in the State.
  38. There are 853 Police Stations in the State, with 40 Police Districts.
  39. There are 12 Municipal Corporations in the State.
  40. There are 49 Nagar Parishads in the State.
  41. There are 14 Major Cities in Bihar.
  42. Member of Parliament Seats for Lok Sabha from Bihar is 40.
  43. Member of Parliament Seats for Rajya Sabha from Bihar is 16.
  44. Seats in the Bihar State Assembly or Vidhan Sabha Seats is 243.
  45. Seats in Bihar Legislative Council or Vidhan Parishad Seats is 75.
  46. Scheduled Caste SC Seats reserved from Bihar in Lok Sabha is 6.
  47. Scheduled Caste SC Seats reserved from Bihar in the Bihar Legislative Assembly is 38
  48. .Scheduled Tribe ST Seats reserved from Bihar in the Bihar Legislative Assembly is 2.
  49. Total Population of the state as per census 2011 is 104,099,452.
  50. Majority of population of Bihar reside in Rural Areas.
  51. Urban Population of Bihar is 11.3% of the total Population.
  52. Rural Population of Bihar is 88.7% of the total Population of the State.
  53. Growth Rate of Population of Bihar in 10 years from 2001-2011 is 25.4%.
  54. Population Density of Bihar is 1106 persons per Square KM.
  55. Sex Ratio of the state is 918. It means there are 918 Females per 1000 Males.
  56. Overall Literacy rate of Bihar is 61.8%.
  57. Male Literacy Rate is 71.2%.
  58. Female Literacy Rate is 51.5%.
  59. Rural Literacy Rate is 59.78%.
  60. Urban Literacy Rate is 76.86%.
  61. Most Populous District of the State is Patna.
  62. Lowest Populous District is Sheikhpura.
  63. Decadal (10 Years) lowest population growth rate district is Gopalganj.
  64. Decadal (10 Years) Highest population growth rate district is Madhepura.
  65. District that has the highest population Density is Sheohar.
  66. District with the lowest Population Density is Kaimur.
  67. District that has the Highest Sex Ratio is Gopalganj.
  68. District with Lowest Sex Ratio is Munger.
  69. Most Literate District of the State is Rohtas.
  70. Least Literate District of the State is Purnia.
  71. First Chief Minister of Bihar is Shri Krishna Singh. His tenure was from 1946 to 1961.
  72. First Governor of Bihar is Jairam Das Daulatram.
  73. First Deputy Prime Minister of India is Jagjivan Ram from Bihar.
  74. First T.V. Relay Centre of Bihar is established in 1978 in Muzaffarpur.
  75. Bihar’s First ancient University Nalanda University was established in 5th Century by the effort of Gupta Ruler Kumargupta.
  76. First Bihari to receive Jnanpeeth Award is Ramdhari Singh Dinkar for Urvashi in 1972.
  77. Patna University was established in the year 1917.
  78. First Bhojpuri Movie is ‘He Ganga Mayya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo’.
  79. First Open University of Bihar is Nalanda University.
  80. First Maithili Movie Name is ‘Kanyadaan’.
  81. First Hindi Movie Name is ‘Kal Hamara Hai’.
  82. First Poet from Bihar is regarded as Vidyapati.
  83. First Women CM of Bihar is Mrs Rabri Devi.
  84. First Dalit CM of Bihar is Bhola Paswan Shastri.
  85. First Muslim CM of Bihar is Abdul Gafoor.
  86. First Muslim Governor of Bihar is Dr. Zakir Hussain.
  87. First Hindi Daily or Hindi Newspaper is Sarvahitaishi (1882).
  88. First Hindi Weekly is Bihar Bandhu (1874).
  89. First English Daily Newspaper is Searchlight.
  90. First English Weekly Newspaper is ‘The Bihar Herald’ of 1875.

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