Best Books for BPSC Prelims Preparation

BPSC also known as the Bihar Public Service Commission conducts various examinations related to the Bihar state. BPSC CCE or the Bihar Civil Service Examination is one of them which is one of the most sought-after and famous exams that is conducted by the Commission to recruit candidates and make them officers to serve the state. The BPSC Civil Service exam is conducted in three stages – Prelims, Mains and Interview. In this post, we will discuss the Best Books for BPSC Prelims Preparation. Read this post carefully and pick a book that suits you. After reading this post you will have some clarity.

How to Prepare for BPSC 69 Prelims

There are two ways in which you can approach BPSC 68 Prelims preparation. This depends on the amount of time you have in your hand for preparation. There are two cases of this:

  1. You have plenty of time on your hand for preparation.
  2. You have little time for preparation or the exam date is very near.

In the cases or scenarios mentioned above, your approach must be separate for separate cases.

When you have plenty of time on your hand then you can choose a different set of books but if you have a paucity of time and the exam is very near then your book selection must be different.

When you have apt time then you can prepare in a conventional way. i.e. first read all the standard books like NCERTs, Daily Newspaper, M Laxmikanth for Polity, and so on. However, if you are running short of time you have to prepare in a non-conventional way and pick only those resources that will give you maximum output in a short amount of time. The Booklist to prepare for BPSC Prelims is given below.

Best Book for BPSC Prelims

When you have less time and the Exam is Very Near (1.5 to 2 Months before the Exam)

For General StudiesLucent GK or
Crown GK (any one)
For Bihar SpecialKbc Nano Bihar Samagra (English)
kbc Nano Bihar Samagra (Hindi)
Current AffairsSpeedy,
Reading these two magazines will help you score a majority of questions in the current affairs section of the BPSC Exam.
HistoryGhatnachakra Poorvavalokan
This is a very helpful book that contains previous years’
questions of various exams which will help you in getting
an idea of how questions are framed in exams and an added
advantage is that BPSC also repeats some of
the old questions, so you will solve them at ease
after thoroughly reading this book.
Ghatnachakra Poorvavalokan
General Science Ghatnachakra Purvalokan Science
Mathematics Previous Year’s questions of BPSC and
R S Aggarwal Only Relevant Chapters,
This will also help you in solving statistics in BPSC mains.
EconomyBihar Economic Survey Summary (Must Read)
Bihar Budget (Must Read)
Basics of Economic concepts from Lucent or crown GK.
PolityM Laxmikanth (only Relevant Chapters),
Polity Ghatnachakra

The above resources will give you maximum output in less amount of time, however, you have to work hard and achieve the daily targets. 

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