BPSC 67 Cutoff

In this post we will discuss about the most debated topic, which is – What will be the BPSC Prelims cutoff this year.

These days the discussions on what will be the BPSC PT cutoff is going in the student community. Since, the cutoff for the BPSC 66 PT was 108 out of 150 (in General male category) which is considered to be on a higher side because earlier the cutoff hovers around 100. Therefore, there is an element of uncertainty around this years’ cutoff.

BPSC 67 Prelims exam is yet to be conducted but on the basis of previous cutoffs people are ascertaining this years’ cutoff which is a little bit premature.

However, let us analyse what the previous years’ cutoff speaks about the nature of the exam.

BPSC 63rd Prelims Cutoff: 96 out of 150 marks for General Male Category.

BPSC 64th Prelims Cutoff: 97 out of 150 marks.

BPSC 65th Prelims Cutoff: 97 out of 150 marks.

BPSC 66th Prelims Cutoff: 108 out of 150 marks.

As per the above discussion it is clearly visible that cutoff before the BPSC 66th Prelims was around 100 which means that if a General male candidate scores 100 and above, he will be on a safe side of writing the mains. But in 66th BPSC Prelims we can see that there was an unexpected cutoff of 108. This figure made the game of predicting cutoffs a tough deal to crack. So, someone says score more than 110 marks or more than 116 to pass the Prelims. This is creating a lot of confusion in the mind of the aspirants. Therefore, to clear your confusion let us see what are the various parameters that impacts the cutoff every year.

These parameters are:

  • Number of candidates appeared for the examination: If the number of candidates are more, then the cutoff will be on a higher side and if the number of candidates are less the cutoff will naturally be less.
  • Number of seats released by the commission: If seats are enough and candidates applied are less then cutoff will be less, but if the ratio of seats released, to the candidates applied is less the cutoff will be more.
  • Level of the question paper: If the commission sets a tough question paper then the cutoff will be low and if the questions are easy the cutoffs are high because more number of candidates attempt more questions correctly.

The above points are few points which can have an impact on the cutoff.

So, no one can predict precisely, what this years’ cutoff will be. All that we can predict is anything above 112 is on a safer side and will let you write the mains.

Thinking and predicting about the cutoff looks like fun but never allow these discussions distract your mind and be firm in your studies. There is a golden line that if your preparation is up to the mark whatever be the cutoff you are going to perform well and come out with flying colours.

Focus on the key areas, the areas that are high yielding such as History, Current Affairs, Science and Bihar Special. Prepare them well and also do not ignore polity and geography. Solve Previous Years Papers of at-least 10 years thoroughly. In this way you can easily jump over the cutoff. Best Wishes.

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