Bihar Census | बिहार जन गणना

BPSC 68 Census of Bihar

Bihar Census or Bihar Janganna is very important from the BPSC exam perspective. You can see that questions related to Bihar Census is often asked in BPSC PT exams. Also, if you quote data from Bihar Census in your mains answer you can fetch good marks.

Official Census of Bihar is conducted by Directorate of Census Operations of Bihar. Important Points Related to Bihar as per Census 2011 is as follows:

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Bihar Census Quiz

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Which District has the highest Population of Scheduled Caste in the State

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Percentage of Population of Bihar that lives in Rural Area

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Percentage of Urban Area Population of Bihar is:

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Which District has Highest Population Density

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Which is the Least Literate District of Bihar

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Which is the most literate District of Bihar

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Districts with Lowest Population from low to High

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Districts with highest population from high to low is:

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How many Districts are there in Bihar

10 / 15

Overall Literacy of Bihar is

11 / 15

Total Area of Bihar is

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Which State of India has Highest Population Density

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Population Density Per Km Square is

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Population Growth of the Bihar is

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What is the Population of Bihar

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  • Bihar’s population is 10.41 Crores.
  • Population Growth of the state is 25.42%. India’s population growth rate is 17%.
  • Population Density Per Km Square is 1106. Highest among States.
  • Sex Ratio of Bihar is 918. It is the measure of females per 1000 males.
  • Child Sex Ratio 935.
  • Total Area of Bihar is 94163 Square Kms.
  • Overall Literacy of Bihar is 61.8%. This is lowest among the states in India.
  • Male Literacy is 71.2%.
  • Female Literacy is 51.5%.
  • Bihar is third highest populous state in the country and 13th largest in terms of area.
  • Notified Forest Area in Bihar is 7.76%.
  • Bihar has a total of 38 Districts.
  • Languages Spoken in Bihar is Hindi, Urdu, Magahi/ Magadhi, Maithili and Bhojpuri.
  • Districts with highest population from high to low: Patna> East Champaran> Muzaffarpur> Madhubani> Gaya.
  • Districts with Lowest Population from low to High: Sheikpura< Sheohar< Arwal< Lakhisarai< Jehanabad.
  • Growth Rate of Population is Highest in Madhepura and Lowest in Gopalganj.
  • Rohtas is the most Literate district of Bihar.
  • Purnia is the least Literate district of Bihar.
  • Saharsa District has the lowest Female literacy.
  • Sheohar district has the Highest Population Density.
  • Kaimur or Bhabhua District has the lowest Population Density.
  • Gopalganj has the Highest sex ratio.
  • Munger has the Lowest Sex Ratio.
  • 11.29% Population of Bihar lives in Urban Areas.
  • Patna has the highest Urban Population.
  • Samastipur has the lowest Urban Population in percentage terms.
  • Sheohar has the Lowest Urban Population in terms of Numbers.
  • Largest Urban Population Districts as per Descending order is : Patna> Munger> Nalanda
  • 88.71% Population of Bihar lives in Rural Areas.
  • Gaya has the highest population of Scheduled Castes in the State.
  • Sheohar has the lowest population of Scheduled Castes in Bihar.
  • In terms of Percentage Kishanganj has the lowest Scheduled Castes.
  • West Champaran has the Highest Population of Scheduled Tribes.
  • Sheohar has the least population of Scheduled Tribes.
  • Khagaria, Samastipur and Aurangabad has lowest population of STs in terms of Percentage.
  • In Bihar, status of education among different religious groups in descending orders is: Jains> Sikhs> Christians> Buddhists> Hindus> Muslims.

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