Winning Powerball Numbers for Monday $192 Million

The power ball draw held on Monday, April 10 had a jackpot of $192 Million with $104.9 million cash option.

The winning numbers for Monday were 9, 10, 36, 46, 52 and the powerball was 14. The powerplay was 2X.

No one hit the power ball jackpot for Monday, April 10. As a result the next jackpot has risen to $202 million.

Since no one got all six balls match on Saturday night, there have been 15 draws for the Powerball jackpot without a winner.

The next powerball draw is on wednesday with a whopping $202 million jackpot. It will have $110.4 million cash option.

Although no one won the jackpot on Monday, many small prizes such as $200, $100 etc have been won by people.

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