US consultancy GALLUP withdraws from China

Gallup, a polling and consulting group, is withdrawing from China due to increasing scrutiny of western consultancies and geopolitical tensions.

Gallup had offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, with many employees working as consultants to help Chinese companies with organizational and marketing optimization.

The company faced challenges in conducting public polling in China due to strict rules governing foreign groups conducting public opinion surveys.

All three of its offices in mainland China are closing, and it's uncertain how many local employees will be retained.

Gallup's global polling, which has shown unfavorable attitudes towards China, made it a target of authorities' criticism.

The decision to withdraw from China is influenced by a broader economic slowdown in the country and concerns over national security, with Chinese authorities scrutinizing the consulting industry.

Gallup's withdrawal aligns with other multinational consultancies reducing their presence in China due to these challenges and geopolitical factors.