MLS Expansion Scores Big: A $500 Million Splash

San Diego has been awarded an expansion franchise in Major League Soccer (MLS). The expansion bid was granted to a group led by UK Based Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Mansour.

Mansour's group is set to invest $500 million into the San Diego franchise. This decision marks the return of professional soccer to San Diego after a long absence.

The city's previous professional soccer team, the San Diego Sockers, disbanded in 1996. The new MLS team in San Diego is expected to begin playing in the league in the near future.

San Diego's rich soccer culture and passionate fan base make it an attractive market for MLS expansion.

The investment from Mohamed Mansour demonstrates the growing interest and financial support for soccer in the United States.

Mohamed Mansour, an Egyptian billionaire. His interest in owning a sports team led him to invest in MLS by acquiring an expansion franchise in San Diego.

Image cc: mansour group

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