Missouri Man Forgots $1 Million Powerball Win

A Man from Missouri, won $1 million powerball prize but got to know about the win 3 months later.

He bought the ticket for Jauary 2 Powerball drawing from on the run store on Manchester road in the rock hills.

He is a frequent powerball ticket buyer. Therefore, he doesn't check on every ticket and uses an alarm clock to check about his tickets for every 3 months.

His alarm clock went off for three months and then when the bell rang he came to know about his powerball winnings of January draw.

When he told his wife about his $1 million powerball win she thought that he was joking. Later when she confirmed the ticket she became excited.

He has decided to invest his $1 million powerball win in some good retirement plan and some proceeds from the win will go to thee house renovation projects.

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