Know the Winner of $61 Million Powerball

The power ball jackpot for May 1 is $61 million. The ticket which mathes all the six balls grab the powerball jackpot.

In the powerball drawing held on May 1, no body's ticket matched all the six balls. Therefore, no one won the jackpot worth $61 million on 05/01/23.

The winning numbers for the powerball drawing held on 05/01/23 were 3, 38, 55, 61, 66 with the powerball number as 1.

The powerplay number was 3 and the Double play numbers were 14, 20, 29, 33, 57 with double play powerball number as 2.

In the powerball drawings double play is an add-on feature that gives powerball players another chance to match their numbers in a separate drawing.

As the powerball drawing of 05/01/23 has no jackpot winner, therefore the next powerball jackpot has reached to $71 million. The next drawing will be on May 3.

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