Car Insurance Rates Up in Ohio and Across the Nation

Car Insurance rates are set to increase by 8.4% in the United States and around 12.3$ in the state of Ohio.

You may see a recent spike in your car insurance bill. It's the biggest increase in the cost of car insurance in the last six years.

Currently, the cost of full coverage or comprehensive car insurance in Ohio is around $1296 for a year which is much lower as compared to other parts of the US.

The cost of full coverage or comprehensive car insurance at the national level is $1780 for a year. It is much higer than the state of Ohio.

Some states like Kentucky and Michigan has higher cost of full insurance coverage of a car than the national average. For Kentucky it is $2040 and for Michigan it is $4788 (approx.).

Insurance Rates are rising because claims and crashes have increased as people are returing to work on a daily commute  basis, shortage in supply of car parts, repair costs increase etc.

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