Philadelphians Gathered on South Street for the 90th Easter Promenade

People attended 90th Annual Philadelphia Easter Promenade on last Sunday. It kicked off at 5th and South Streets.

It is well known for the oldest holiday Parades in the city's history. Participants in the Easter parade typically don brand-new, stylish attire.

The march finished at the Headhouse Plaza after travelling a quarter mile, where people congregated around the stage.

Easter is surrounded by pastel colors, each of which has a distinct religious connotation. These colours range from baby blues to delicate pinks and mint greens.

"I am very pleased to participate in this event since it is so great to see it have so much enthusiasm" participant Kruc said.

Easter Sunday brunch was being offered at several eateries, and attendees were invited to stay for the day and eat there. It was a fun filled experience.

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